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7 Best Sleeping Bag – Top Picks and Reviews for 2017

Extreme weather sleeping bags are designed to keep campers safely warm and comfortable during the coldest winter months. They are very comfortable bags that have been designed with a variety of features that make them the perfect choice for a variety of campers. The following seven sleeping bags are among the most popular and high-quality on the market in 2017.

The prices on these models vary from about $70 to over $200. Choosing the one that is right for your needs requires taking a look at their temperature ratings, their comfort levels, and picking one that matches your unique needs. Make sure to carefully read about every sleeping bag fully to ensure that you get the best results.

Here’s our comparison chart to the top sleeping bags for hikers:

ImageSleeping BagRatingPrice
Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag4.9/5Check Lowest Price
Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15-Degree Sleeping Bags4.5/5Check Lowest Price
TETON Sports Celsius XXL4.5/5Check Lowest Price
Kelty Women's SB20 20-Degree 800-Fill DriDown4.0/5Check Lowest Price
Kelty Women's SB35 800-Fill DriDown4.0/5Check Lowest Price
Sportneer +20F Ultralight Sleeping Bag3.8/5Check Lowest Price

6 Best Sleeping Bags for Men and Women

  1. Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag
  2. Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15-Degree Sleeping Bags
  3. TETON Sports Celsius XXL
  4. Kelty Women’s SB20
  5. Kelty Women’s SB35
  6. Sportneer +20F Ultralight

Best Sleeping Bags for 2017

Top Pick – Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag

Founded in 1902 as a way of selling gasoline pressure lamps, Coleman has become one of the premiere names in camping equipment. While still more popular for their lamps, they create a wide range of items that create a comfortable and relaxing camping experience.

Their North Rim sleeping bag is one of their most popular and looks to retain that popularity well into 2017. Here’s why you should consider this bag for your next purchase.

Great Temperature Range For Extreme Camping

When camping during the winter, it is important to have a sleeping bag that can keep you safe from the elements. This sleeping bag is perfect for sub-10 degree Fahrenheit weather and can even keep you comfortable all the way down to zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Bottom Zipper Vent

While this sleeping bag is perfect for cold sleeping conditions, it can also be used for summer camping. The bottom zipper vent lets you open it up to a little extra air flow during those warm nights. This also helps evaporate any sweat that may occur during the night.

Cocooning Mummy Shape

Mummy-shaped sleeping bags are popular because they give you the most complete covering of any on the market. The Coleman North Rim has this shape, as well as a comfortable hood, to help you stay warm and cozy during even the coldest nights.


The North Rim is the perfect extreme weather sleeping bag for those who want to take the tent out during the coldest months of the year. While it can’t handle sub-zero temperatures, it is still a great choice for extreme camping fans.

2nd Pick: Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15-Degree Sleeping Bags

In spite of its big name, Big Agnes is a relatively small camping equipment provider that has already made a mark on the competitive world of camping equipment. In just 15 years, they’ve become renowned as a provider of worthwhile and intriguing sleeping bags and camping items. Their Lost Ranger sleeping bag is one of their most popular model for a variety of reasons. Here are the three best features of this unique item.

No-Draft Construction

Drafty sleeping bags are not just uncomfortable for campers but dangerous for extreme weather camping. The Lost Ranger comes with a no-draft collar, wedge, and zipper that keep wind out of your bag and avoid the heat drain that can lead to sickness and even death during winter camping.

650 Fill With DownTek

Down is a very comfortable sleeping bag filler that helps trap heat near your body. The 650 fill DownTek of the Lost Ranger is among the most comfortable and warming available. That’s why this sleeping bag is rated for temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mating Zipper Options

For those who are a little heavier (or who want to share bags with a loved one), the mating zipper options of the Lost Ranger is a great option. It lets you zip together two bags for increased room, comfort, and an even higher level of heat protection.


A great choice for those who want to camp during winter, this sleeping bag is available at about $200 or so. Investing in two may be a little expensive, but it is possible to find them on sale at various online camping retail shops.

3rd Pick: TETON Sports Celsius XXL

TETON is one of those sleeping bag manufacturers that is secretly great option. They are specialists in creating extreme weather sleeping bags that the average buyer can afford.

For example, their Sports Celsius XXL sleeping bag has an incredible temperature range and is available for just under $70. Can an inexpensive sleeping bag like this compete with higher priced models? Absolutely! And here is why.

Sturdy Taffeta Shell

The exterior of a sleeping bag is among its most important features. With a sturdy taffeta shell, this TETON sleeping bag is among the warmest, sturdiest, and easiest to pack. It takes almost no time at all to wrap it up and store it in the included tote bag.

Adjustable Zippers

The adjustable shoulder and body zippers of this particular sleeping bag make it easy to protect yourself from drafts during winter weather. When it gets a little too warm, they can also be used as vents that let out a little air and dry up any sweat in the bag.

Rated For Very Extreme Temperatures

One surprising thing about TETON is that their inexpensive sleeping bags often have some of the greatest temperature ratings. It is capable of protecting you from temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. With the exception of one bag (also made by TETON), that is the best rating on this list.


Inexpensive and protective, this is a sleeping bag the extreme weather camping enthusiast can’t afford to miss. It provides you with the kind of cozy comfort you need to protect you during the winter, but it also has venting zippers that make it useful for summer camping as well.

4th Pick: Kelty Women’s SB20 20-Degree 800-Fill DriDown

Kelty is a Boulder-based camping gear designer that focuses heavily on creating high-quality gear that is as comfortable as it is stylish. They are very focused on female campers and are very interested in women who love a little adventure. This great sleeping bag is rated at 20 degree Fahrenheit temperature and remains one of their most popular models. Here’s what you get if you purchase one.

800 Fill Down Interior

The comfort and heating power of down is increased with higher level fills. This particular model is an 800 fill model, meaning it is one of the most comfortable and warm sleeping bags on the market. It uses DriDown to stay drier and warmer than normal down.

Waterproof Exterior

Getting drenched when camping is a miserable experience because it can make it nearly impossible to sleep comfortably. With waterproof treatment at the hood and the foot of this sleeping bag, you don’t have to worry about getting too wet.

Anti-Snag Zipper

Avoid distracting and uncomfortable zipper snags with this anti-snag sleeping bag design. It also comes with ribbon drawcords that help close the hood more fully and create a more comfortable camping experience.


Though it costs a little more than some of the sleeping bags on this list, the Kelty SB20 is still a great choice. It is particularly nice due to the DriDown, which is essential for the cold and wet camping conditions of winter.

5th Pick: Kelty Women’s SB35 800-Fill DriDown

Having already discussed Kelty and their dedication to camping comfort, it’s worth focusing on some of the features that weren’t mentioned in the above review. This bag is very similar to the one above, but it is just a little less expensive. Does that mean its quality is any lower? No, as it is still a great choice for female campers.

Box Baffle Construction

The boxy shape of this sleeping bag makes it more relaxing and comfortable for a variety of different camping situations. It has been tweaked to perfectly fit the average frame of the average camper.

Thermal-Comfort Hood

The comfortable hood of this sleeping bag wraps around your head and closes tightly to keep heat in and cold out. This is particularly useful in cold weather, which can cause heat to escape your head at a dangerous rate.

Natural Fit Toebox

Getting your feet into a sleeping bag is necessary for maximum comfort. The natural fit toebox of this sleeping bag lets you fit inside easily. This gives your toes the room they need to be nice and comfortable.


Kelty makes great sleeping bags and this is no different. With its many comfort features and a 35 degree Fahrenheit temperature rating, it is a great choice for many campers. Consider this bag if you’re looking for a high-quality bag at a fair price.

6th Pick: Sportneer +20F Ultralight Sleeping Bag

Sportneer is a company that produces many different sleeping bags. They focus on creating bags that are not only high-quality but resistant to temperature changes.

Their +20F Ultralight Sleeping bag follows their typical high standards of manufacture and is well respected and highly reviewed by those who have tried it out. Just why is this sleeping bag such a popular choice for extreme weather camping fans? Read on to find out.

100 Percent Cotton Liner

The liner of this sleeping bag is made with polyester and 100 percent silk cotton. This helps give it a temperature limitation of 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it more appropriate for fall, spring, or late summer camping but not quite for the worst extremes of winter camping.

Water-Resistant Shell

Camping during the wet spring and fall seasons can be frustrating without a waterproof bag. The taffeta shell of this bag has been carefully sealed to create long-lasting durability and a waterproof exterior that will keep you comfortable in even the wettest weather.

Easy-To-Roll Structure

Storing sleeping bags is often a frustrating exercise because it requires carefully and tightly rolling them into a small ball. The structure of this bag has been carefully constructed to make it easier to roll and store. With the included carrying bag, it is very easy to take this one with you wherever you want to go.


More of a “cool” weather sleeping bag than an extreme one, the Sportneer +20F bag is still worth consideration. Consider it an alternative sleeping bag or a backup model in case your usual one is either damaged or can’t be used due to weather conditions.

How to Pick the Right One?!

Do you want an extreme weather bag that is perfect for near zero temperatures? Then try the Coleman North Rim. It is relatively inexpensive and provides you a comfortable sleeping environment. For those who want a more extreme sleeping bag, the TETON Sports Celsius XL is the best choice. Its sub-zero temperature rating makes it essential for anyone planning very severe weather camping or even camping in the Arctic regions.

It is very important here to choose a bag that suits your preferred camping temperature and to choose camping times that match these ratings. Sleeping in sub-zero temperatures in a bag not rated for this extreme coldness is dangerous and could put your life at risk. Take your decision-making process very seriously here.

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