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7 Best Tactical Flashlights – Top Picks and Reviews for 2017

Tactical Flashlights, they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and feature a long list of possible attributes, features, and accessories to make them more functional in different situations.

Some may clip to a helmet, attach to a gun barrel, or connect to other surfaces. Other tactical flashlights may work like a Swiss Army Knife with lots of interesting and useful little fold out tools and gadgets.

Some are waterproof. Some use different types of power sources such as a battery or a hand crank generator to extend the usefulness of the light while camping or during extended use situations.

Many are built with hard metal casings and feature an ergonomic design which makes them useful for self-defense.

There are many different reasons to own a tactical flashlight, whether you’re a homeowner who wants to be prepared for outages and disasters, a camper who wants more bang for their buck, or a survivalist who wants another solution in his bug out bag.

Whatever it is you’re looking for in a tactical flashlight the seven products below are likely to cover it.

SureFire P2X Fury Dual Output LED

If you’re looking for an extremely durable flashlight with a versatile output system, the P2X is a great bet. The SureFire company is well known for building fairly simple, powerful, and ultra tough flashlights, and that’s what the P2X is- but in a very compact package.

Extreme durability: The solid one-piece casing lets the P2X stand up to just about any abuse.

Long lasting power: The LED bulb will last virtually forever, and drains your battery much more slowly than conventional bulbs. Use hours can be extended by switching to the low output mode.

Well focused beam: The micro-textured precision reflector delivers a solid and accurate beam that wastes very little light.

This very sturdy and reliable flashlight has earned the name on the manufacturer’s label, as it is designed around one idea- keep on working no matter what.

That’s exactly what it does with its high-strength military spec hard anodized aerospace aluminum body, powerful LEDs, and dual output capabilities. It has a nice solid feel and well-trimmed edges that let you know this is a high-quality item.

EcoGear FX Tactical LED Flashlight

Known for including a lot of features and bonuses with their products, EcoGear includes a charger and rechargeable lithium batteries with this item. They also do a good job of delivering a lot of functionality at a reasonable price.

After all, you don’t need a lot of expensive materials and sophisticated machining techniques to deliver a long-lasting, high-quality beam of light.

Long lasting light: Like most modern flashlights, the FX Tactical features durable LEDs which are bright and drain your battery very slowly.

Extra brightness: The CREE T6 LED chip maximizes the lumens for a brighter and more focused beam of light. This relatively new technology works like a kind of electronic funnel which intensifies the light, making less light go farther.

Zoom Function: This enables you to select a small and tight beam for precision and graduate that up to a wide beam for viewing a broader area.

The EcoGear FX gives you everything you need in a high-quality tactical flashlight without most of the frivolous bells and whistles you get with more expensive models. It may not feel as heavy or solid in the hand as some others, but it does the job.

Also, being slightly lighter than many of its competitors can be useful when you are packing a backpack that you intend to wear for miles of uphill climbing.

SureFire G2X Series LED Flashlight with Nitrolon body

Another solid product from SureFire, the G2X may be less intimidating than the aircraft aluminum cased P2X, but it comes with a long list of practical features that make it just as interesting, and a little bit more affordable than it’s hardened counterparts.

Lightweight: Made from a single piece nitrogen tube, this flashlight is durable while being lighter than those made from metal.

Long duration tactical light: The tail cap offers a flash feature for brief bursts of light- just enough to see what’s in front of you. The extremely tough LED bulbs are very bright and long lasting.

Durable emitter: The head of the G2X is highly ruggedized, indicating that while it is lighter, it is meant to take a fair deal of punishment.

The G2X is an excellent choice for those who are not hung up on the idea of beating a home invader over the head with a tiny flashlight. It is very durable without adding excessive weight, and like everything SureFire makes, it is sure fire.

Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 750 Lumen Professional Tactical Flashlight

A popular brand for small EMT companies for filling out their roadside took boxes, Streamlight is known for producing reliable flashlights with great external features like pocket clips which go a long way toward making a flashlight more practical.

Enhanced brightness: The C4 LED internal tech makes the ProTac exceedingly bright on demand which is great in unexpected situations that require your full attention.

LED Solid State Power: Specialized power regulation delivers consistently powerful lighting throughout the life of the battery.

Waterproof: You’d expect to see this feature on more lights, but the ProTac has it. You don’t have to worry, if it falls into a puddle- the ProTac will still work.

The ProTac specializes in being bright, being available, and staying functional while delivering reliably bright light on your subject when you need it for as long as the battery lasts.

It is optimized for emergency use in unexpected situations- such as EMT and paramedics are prone to encountering.

Pelican 7060 AC110F Black Tactical Rechargeable LED Flashlight

The Pelican Storm Cases subsidiary has been delivering high-quality flashlights and emergency products for a long time. Needless to say, they have really mastered the art of manufacturing good looking, durable, and highly functional flashlights.

Power: Plain and simple. This flashlight delivers powerful and long lasting light.

Powerful charging: A lot of people are surprised when they learn that this flashlight uses a car battery to recharge in the field. And rightly so. It’s an unprecedented level of field and roadside recharging power.

Extreme Durability: The beveled edges in the high tensile strength plastic body make this product very light for its size- and very durable for its weight.

The Pelican 7060 is the perfect flashlight companion to keep in the cab of a heavy duty truck- especially because of the weight of the charger set, you really want to keep this in a utility vehicle- or consign it to home use.

It is not for camping- especially not for hiking. But it is excellent for less mobile applications with powerful light capabilities in a casing that feels nice and heavy in the hand.

Fenix PD35 TAC 1000 Lumen CREE XP-L LED Tactical Flashlight

Another popular brand with police, EMT, paramedics, and firefighters- the curiously spelled Fenix brand produces tough, powerful, and reliable flashlights and other emergency utility products with lots of great features that enhance their usefulness in a variety of ways.

Extreme long-term brightness: Bring 1000 lumens to bear with the powerful Cree XP LED V5 which lasts for up to 50,000 hours!

Tactical tail: A quick switch provides momentary light when you just need to get your bearings without using a lot of battery power, and the loophole allows for extra on-person storage capability.

Practical exterior: Emergency workers do not need to be fumbling around in their pockets when they need to shed some light on a situation. That’s why Fenix loads the PD35 out with handy and ergonomic external features that let you clip it to a pocket or store it in a belt holster. It is also well equipped with carefully designed buttons which enable you to activate it no matter which way it falls into your hand.

These durable, compact, powerful, and long-lasting flashlights are excellent for roadside crews, emergency workers, security teams, and police and they are replete with features that are obviously carefully designed to accommodate these professionals.

But of course, that means they are also good for anyone else, who wants a powerful, functional, and accessible light in a strong and compact package.

 UMINTOP TD16 High Power LED Tactical Flashlight

Delivering one of the finest product lines of its kind, UMINTOP has become a leader in high-quality tactical flashlight manufacturing practically overnight.

They have mastered the art of combining high-quality materials, with artisan level machining work to create extremely durable, functional and long lasting tactical flashlights.

Ultra high-precision lighting: The high tech double sided AR coated and tempered lens delivers an extremely tight and bright beam of light, leaving all the detail of your subject plain as day with an unprecedented 99% light transmittance.

High-quality machining: Complex edges and high-tensile aluminum make for a beautiful, durable, and very ergonomic exterior that feels good in the hand and is an ideal self-defense tool.

UMINTOP leaves no stone unturned when it comes to optimizing every nook and cranny of their TD16 series of flashlights. These products inspire confidence and produce reliable high-quality lighting in a very compact package that fits easily into your pocket or storage.

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